Rooster has laboured breathing, a very diminished crow, a darkened comb, and lethargic behaviour

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    Mar 30, 2015

    This is not my ideal first post but I'm in a bit of a bind as there are not many vets who deal with poultry in my area.

    My rooster is about 8 months old and has seemed perfectly strong and healthy until a few weeks ago when he deteriorated almost over night. I've listed the symptoms below:

    - he hangs and twists his head at awkward angles
    - his breathing is laboured, he looks to be gasping for breath
    - he still eats and drinks but his appetite has diminished
    - he no longer crows, he only clucks strangely
    - his feet are sometimes cold
    - his comb has darkened
    - he is lethargic
    - he no longer climbs the ramp to the second level of the coop

    More info:
    - his crop seems normal
    - he does not seem to be constipated and his droppings look normal
    - there are instances where he seems perfectly normal but these are few and far between
    - we have him on a broad spectrum antibiotic and a de-wormer

    I've uploaded a video of him:


    You can really see him struggling to breathe around the 1:00 minute mark.

    I hope someone here can help!

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