Rooster has some injuries, help!


11 Years
Mar 3, 2012
I have two roosters and only four hens, since I was given one hen and then got five straight run chicks from TSC. All of the chickens are about three months old now, and I think my two roos are already fighting. I think the dominant one is my Cochin roo, and my other one is a booted bantam, Dixon. I noticed today that Dixon has two injuries. On his right foot, there's blood surrounding the base of a feather, and on his head, there's a small, open wound right where his comb meets his head. The head injury seems to be something that another chicken did, probably by pecking on his head, and I don't see why any of my other hens would do that.

Do either of his injuries sound bad? Do you think my other roo did it? Do I need to separate the roos? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
the injuries don't sound too bad. i would put blu-kote on it (found at tractor supply). i think it works for alot of wounds. it helps the wound & it camouflages it so the others don't pick at it.
i think you're going to have to get down to one roo or get more females. there's no way these two guys are going to be harmonious with only four girls available.

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