Rooster hates my DH...need suggestions

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    So, it's not me my BR rooster's the DH. DH is really supportive of my barnyard (he's a city boy but learning quick to be a country boy, lol) and helps me out a lot with feeding/care all of my animals. DH was gone on a military deployment during my rooster's first four months of life so he didn't meet him until after he was a "big boy" roo. I keep my roo(Mr. Bojangles) up unless I'm outside to supervise.
    Any suggestions on how dh should handle Mr. Bojangles? I rehomed one other roo because he was flat out mean. Really want to keep this one because he is such a good flock protector and nice to the ladies.
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    I don't have roos, but maybe send the DH out with treats, so that every time it sees him, it will associate him with something good to come.Worked with my dog, but I'm not sure if that would work with a rooster intent on protecting his girls or his territory. I hope you get some good answers.
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    Treats are good. I always take a yellow bucket with me so they know that bucket means good things to eat. Also my roo who has always liked me challenged me the other day, even pecked my toe. I didnt back down, waved my arms & talked firmly to him and walked toward him. After he pecked me I bopped him on the head. He hasnt done it since. That yellow bucket even has some of them following me around after i put it away, Id say that would be good to try.
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    DH has made the comment that he might be practicing his golf swing on that roo!YIKES! If that happens, I will have to drive to the next county to pick up my rooster, lol.
    One a more serious note, dh isn't a violent person, he is just frustrated with the attacks and is worried about our kids being around the rooster. That is why I'm keeping him up and only letting him out when I'm outside.
    Oh, and get this...the roo lets our pug hang out in the coop! He accepts her as family I guess. It is funny to watch her hanging with the chickens...I gave her a new name...Walks With Chickens. [​IMG]
    I will try the treat idea. Thanks so much.
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    Not to make light of your situation, but my first thought was, "gonna have to cull one of them".................[​IMG]

    I do, however agree with the others here. Send DH to them with treats specifically for the roo. Sounds to me like Mr. Bojangles has established himself as "master and king" of the coop and isn't willing to let the REAL king back on the throne. Perhaps if Mr. Bo sees your DH as the good guy with goods, he'll settle down.

    I'm not sure how I would handle this if it were me.

    Please let us know how things work out.
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  6. Also not to make light of the situation... but MY first thought was "chicken and sausage gumbo..."

    Get your husband an indutrial spray bottle from Home Depot or Lowes. Something that has a good, long stream of water. Tell him to carry it around with him when he goes into the coop. If the Rooster trys to charge or attack, have DH promptly give him a squirt. Soon the attacks should subside. DH needs to assert his dominance over the flock.
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    The water sprayer gives me an idea...the Super Soaker water gun! I used that to keep the cat off of my car, lol.
    I will tell DH the suggestions and we will see how that goes. If anyone else has any other ideas, that would be great incase this doesn't work.
    Thanks a bunch!
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    I'm new here, so please forgive transgressions.
    I have had to "big dog" several roosters (roos?) by letting them know I'm the alpha-roo. (Tho I'm a hen, don't tell them) I back them in a corner, waving my arms up and out and make lots of noise. Towering over them. Scares them enough that they accept me as the alpha. Works on dogs, too. Does NOT work on cats or men!
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    I though since Mr. Bojangles is the subject, I would post a picture of him
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