Rooster in Trouble - HELP Please

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Jul 20, 2016
Hey everyone, I am new to BYC. I have read many posts over the last few months and put to use a lot of good information, so thank you all. I have a new issue. I recently inherited 5 laying hens and a rooster after my father in law suddenly passed away last week. I already have 4 Black Coper laying hens and a large Meat White Meat Rooster. Upon putting them together, I figured a pecking order would be established but since, Larry, my Meat Rooster was breed to not have spurs his aggressive actions towards the new rooster initially have him separated from the flock and wounded. His feathers are a mess, his tail area is black and covered in maggots. I have read several posts on how to get rid of the maggots, clean the wound and get him on antibiotics but if I do all that and he continues to back after the other rooster is there any hope? I need advice to have him put down or if he can be saved and his brain rewired?


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Roosters fight to keep other roosters out of their flock so that their DNA will prevail. At this point the two roosters will not coexist in the same pen.

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