Rooster injured by dog


Jul 26, 2016
He has a cut on one ear and some feathers missing. Not sure if he is walking because he is scared. Is there anything we can do? Would a regular veterinarian be able to help? Any suggestions?
Welcome to BYC. A vet would be good, but many won't see chickens or not be familiar with them. I would call around first. Vetericyn wound spray or betadine 10% is good for wound care. A little plain antibiotic ointment is good if you don't have those. Put him in a crate overnight with some food and water, and give him some quiet time if he is in shock. Let us know how he is tomorrow.
Thank you for your response! Our little guy actually did not have any bite wounds. We brought him in the house and crated him and cleaned him up. He is doing much better each day. I think he was scared and sore. He was eating, drinking, and walking around.

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