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  1. I have two roosters and 21 hens my roosters are 1 old English game bantam 8 weeks and the other is a 6 week D'ueccle. I'm getting another rooster to add my flock and the rooster I'm looking at is a 7 week olive Egger any advice? Please I need to know before Monday when I go pick him up.
  2. Usually you want 1 rooster for ever 10 hens so not to cause fighting or over mating. Have you already bought the third rooster?
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  3. I'm not purchasing him he's free and I'm also getting two mor pullets making 23 and I can get more none of my chickens are older than 8 weeks the coop is 12x8 and the run is 12x18. Also none have been in coop quite yet because predator proofing they'll go in at the same time
  4. The best way to introduce chickens is in a wire dog cage. Placed in or near the coop where they can see each other but not fight. After about a week you can let him out with the other supervised for a little bit. If that goes well keep adding time he spends with the other chickens each day. Eventually you should be able to let him out permanently unsupervised. Were you planning on quarantining before introducing?
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  5. Oh yeah there will be a quarantine period and I have cages for introducing I just don't want traumatize someone. The new roo is a standard size while the others are bantams and they're all between 8-7 weeks
  6. Yes that could be a bit traumatic. I think the quarantine period is a month? So by the time their introduced your bantams would be 3 months old and a little bigger. You could wait untill their 4-5 months old and full grown but not sure if that's fair to keep the rooster alone so long.
  7. Yeah I believe so it's what I plan honestly I'm not worried about my current roosters Jon my OEG has shown he can take care of business if he needs to I just don't want the olive Egger to get hurt and to do the introducing correctly
  8. I think you are doing it correctly. Quarintine, introduction cage and then integrating into flock. Their isn't a better way that I know of. It's how i introduced my pullets to the older hens and their wasn't a problem. Good luck with your chickens :)
  9. Thank you I appreciate it I really want an OE and the roosters are gorgeous I also love roosters they're amazing
  10. Yes the olive eggers are cool and great breeding potential for coloured eggs

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