Rooster is beat up by hens?


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Apr 27, 2013
Eastern Montana
My rooster is getting beat up by my hens. there all the same age and are barred rocks. His feathers are all ruffed and fuzzy now. Also his leg is hurt and he is limping but this has gone on for awhile. I'm kinda new raising chickens and im new on backyard chickens. I'll try to take a pic and show it to you guys. Thanks! <3
Put your rooster in a cage with feed and water. You want to restrict his movement preventing further injury to his leg. You can purchase vitamin B complex tablets at a pharmacy and crush a few into powder, then sprinkle the powder over his feed for him to eat. The vitamin B complex may help speed up the healing process. Give it to him for 5 days, then release him from the cage and observe how he's walking. If he's still limping, put him back in the cage and continue the vitamin B complex treatment for another 5 days. Then release him again and observe if he's still limping. If he's still limping, recage him but stop the vitamin B complex. These types of injuries take time to heal, sometimes a week, a month or two, or never. Then it will become a quality of life issue.

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