Rooster is hoarse - leg mites - growth on legs


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May 3, 2016
Hi everyone!!! I just rescued/adopted some chickens from someone in my husband's family. I was foolish and didn't even think to quarantine them. I went by their word that they were 100% healthy. I was in a hurry to get them because they were going to be slaughtered.

1. leg mites - When we were loading the birds I noticed the rooster's feet looked funny. Being a newbie I asked what was up with his feet and they told me it was normal for older birds to get bigger scales. On the way home I mentioned to my husband that I had read about mites and saw a picture that looked similar. Lo and behold the rooster has an insane infestation of scaley leg mites ( i think that's what they're called) I'm treating them with a first aid spray from TSC, I've coated their legs in vaseline, put DE in the coop and where my hens take dust baths, also I've put dust pesticide in the coop and dust bath. I'm hoping what I've done will work. Any suggestions? Have I done enough or should I do more? The rooster's infestation is so bad that his scales on his legs are lifted to the point of being almost horizontal and some of them are chalky/gray/whitish. Oh, and I also put vaseline on my original hens hoping to prevent the mites from getting them.

2. growth on legs - one of the chickens is a tiny white bantam. I'm unsure of her age. While putting vaseline on her legs I noticed she has some hard growths on the inside of each leg. They're rough and dry/yucky feeling. Any idea what this could be? She walks alright I think, kinda a slight waddle. I'm only a year into raising chickens and have never seen a bantam in person.

3. I thought I was being blessed with a quiet rooster. He doesn't crow too much. When he does crow he sounds hoarse. Do some roosters naturally sound hoarse? I had a rooster before who crowed aaaalllll day long and was so loud so this is very weird to me. If it's not normal what could be causing it? He's acting fine and is healthy from what I can see, other than the leg mites.
Oh excellent!!! I wonder if it'd hurt though? I imagine garlic in a cut would be painful? I'm not sure if every raised scale=open wound?

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