rooster is not intested!!


7 Years
Oct 6, 2012
Hi there this is my first topic hpe you guyswell help me out
my rooster is not interested to mate with hen.. there is no problem with my rooster because he is A ok with other hens dont know why he is aviding his partner ( same breed )
help plž
Same Breed doesn't matter. You don't mention how old the rooster is...
You have some watching to do.... It takes TWO to make it happen, so you will need to see who is not onboard with your desires..

1.) Rooster could be the one lacking technique. I have a BIG rooster in with a group of 6 hens. Most will not submit to him. They try their best to get away from him. This is HIS problem. I have another roo the same size and when I put him in with the girls, they ALL squawt and wait for him to mount. They LOVE him... This second roo has a bum leg. If they didn't submit, there is no way he would be able to get the job done. The first roo... is rather aggressive and manhandles them. Hence his lack of style equates to a lack of cooperation on the girls part.

2.) Hen could be not interested. I have another rooster who is great by the ladies. They all submit to him. He moves slowly, does the wing dance, and gets permission before mating. I have a few girls in the group who would rather not. He has plenty of other women to choose from so he doesn't mess with the ones that just are not interested.

3.) Hen may not be laying... My roos do NOT waste their time with the older hens, the molting hens, the hens not laying. I can usually tell which girls are activily laying by whether the roo is interested in them. I have came to the conclusion that there must be something - some odor or something that the male can sense that lets him know if the females are laying.

Spend some time watching the pair interact with each other and with others and you will discover who is at fault...

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