Rooster is too rough on hens.


Jun 1, 2019
Western North Carolina.
The skin was torn too?
Feather don't 'heal' until they molt and grow new ones...
....that's what I meant about 'due for a molt'.

The toe nails cause most the feather damage,
good to keep spurs blunted tho as they can tear open the flesh on the girls sides.
No blood was shed. When I said she’s healing, her shoulder was getting a little red, like, irritated. And her feathers were being torn out. I put triple antibiotic on it just to ease the soreness. Damage hasn’t progressed after I removed the spurs from the rooster. I’ll try trimming his toenails as they are quiet long and see if that helps my EE. Thanks for the advice.


Aug 27, 2018
The west Texas desert
Hello! I have eight chickens, one being a rooster. So being a rooster, he mates with them. That wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t tear their feathers out. This has been going on for 1-2 months. I can’t get the ones I need to put saddles on. I've tried spur trimming, and I’m not sure it worked. Some hens look perfect now after I did it, some are hardly/not healing. And one is just getting worse. I’m not up to removing the rooster or killing him, so I need suggestions on how I could help my birds. Thanks.
Can you isolate the girls that need healing. They might be killed by the others if they see sores or blood. I had a roo that caused my brahma to bleed by grabbing her head to mate. The rest were trying to kill her. I took her away and let her heal completely and the flock accepted her back when i slowly reintroduced her. You could also separate him from the flock for a few days . A time out might give the girls a break from the stress.
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