Rooster limping....PLEASE HELP!!!

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    My rooster, Chuck, started limping just over two weeks ago. One foot was swollen nearly twice the size of the other. But there was no sore or kernel like with bumblefoot. The little toe was crusty, but after scrubbing it looked okay. I soaked it daily in Epsom salts and have him Tylan 50, 1/2cc for 5 days. It got smaller and I let him go back outside. Two days later it was blown up again and I took him to the vet. $90 later he had his foot lanced & a shot of antibiotics. I was told to soak his foot daily in iodine and rewrap it. After a few days of no improvement I gave him Tylan again for 5 days. It's now slightly smaller, but he's still limping. I'm DESPERATE! I can't justify another pointless vet visit and I've hit the limit for Tylan. What else can I do?! [​IMG][/IMG]
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    The forward foot is how it looks today. I can't really get a good picture. There's swelling between the toes and the bottom.
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    Did this vet tell you it was bumblefoot or the beginnings of bumblefoot?

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