Rooster looks like he’s gonna die. Maybe pesticide poisoning?


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Jun 9, 2022
My rooster is a goldy, only 3 months old. He was fine all day and then started acting horribly strange:tired, zombie eyes, scared, won’t eat or drink (not even an orange) I think it may be because I gave him cucumber skins and didn’t wash them first? Organic but still some kind of “organic” spray I’m sure, as they aren’t home grown? I have 6 other hens and they’re all healthy though, so I dont know. He went from 100% healthy to so sick he can’t even roost in only an hour. He has runny poop but always does. His bedding is straw. I’ve only tried giving him water with acv and garlic and unsuccessful with both. I did syringe water a little for him. He was out of water for a little today before I realized and it was a hot day.

Wobbly, drooling, wide open mouth, won’t eat or drink or roost, shakes his head and makes a weird noise. Lethargic. “Looks like he has lost his mind/zombie rooster “ is the best to explain it

Please help . So sad.

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