Rooster pecked and bleeding separation question


Jul 26, 2018
I have two 4 month old white silkie roosters that I have been trying to merge with my 8 regular mixed hen flock and it has not been going well. It has been two months. Today I came home to one pretty beat up and bloody area. It is clear to me now that it is best to rehome them with other silkies.

While I’m waiting to find new homes, looking for advice on whether I should remove both of them from flock and put them in dog crate so they can’t get pecked anymore or will the other silkie tend to peck at him too if he’s with him in the crate. I’m worried if I leave the other silkie alone with my other hens he will just get pecked at worse now. I know they are both petrified around the bigger hens, always have been unfortunately.
If you are going to rehome them both I would separate them in a dog crate with food and water. They could stay with the other hens in the crate in the coop. I like to slowly integrate new chickens into a flock in a crate or inside a pen. I had 2 silkie hens in a mixed flock of big hens, and they did well, but were all raised together.

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