Rooster showed up and we’re clueless!!!


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Sep 20, 2020
That’s a young stag probably 3-4 months old I feed mine scratch grains you can add cat food for added protein you could also build a 4x4 dome pen for him if you wanted to keep him hard telling what blood he’s out of but I’m sure his farm isn’t far from you.
I posted locally online in case someone was missing their rooster but no one has responded so I will probably rehome him. He doesn’t seem even slightly motivated to leave. I have two great possibilities for him, I’ll be checking them out and hopefully finding him a nice home.


Jun 20, 2020
Awww looks like some kinda game mix, maybe needs bit more nutrition then cat food but thats up to u . You could set him up in animal cage in house or shed as a temp situation maybe let him free range in the day xx


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Jul 6, 2016
NW Washington state
Very much an American game cock. There might be some Asian or South American game type mixed in. You could keep him like any other rooster so long as you don't add another male to his pen. If you need to find another home for him, you could try your local or state forum on BYC, maybe post about him in the American gamefowl thread under the 'Breeds' section, or there is Craigslist.


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Dec 29, 2014
We are planning to rehome him however, I want to make sure that it’s not for cockfighting and that he will be treated properly because I feel like he came to us as a refuge and I don’t wanna put him in a bad environment.

his comb says he is not pure game bird. that's why someone got rid of him. when you rehome him tell people he is a mutt so that you will be sure he will never end up fighting.

don't feed him cat's food, he does not need that much proteins. you can give him some rice if you don't have corn/chicken feed. bird's seed + free ranging/bugs is ok.

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