rooster so hen pecked his brain is exposed :(


9 Years
Aug 7, 2010
long story short, a full grown hen here has pecked a 5 month old rooster's head to the point his brain is literally exposed. this just happened this morning, I've got them separated. he's acting pretty normal, has anyone experienced anything like this? it's freaking me out!! I figure if he makes it through tonight he stands a chance. he doesn't act like he's in pain but who knows. any feedback appreciated!

just watch him, i've had hens get really nasty with young roosters, but when you put an experienced rooster in there he'll get everyone into shape, he usually has to overthrow the dominant hen and the everyone falls in line, best of luck, are you sure it's his brain and not his skull, anyway hope he makes it
I assumed it was his brain, it's squiggly looking like you see photos of a human brain. but maybe I'll google chicken skull and see what I find. these rooster brothers are only 5 months old. I wonder how long until one of them takes charge? thanks for the response!!

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