Rooster stalks and attacks strangers only

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    I have a huge Jersey Giant rooster.....about 6 months old now? He doesn't usually give me any trouble, actually will run if I go after him, etc etc. But I notice that he always follows any strangers around the yard pretty closely.

    Today my dad was visiting (for the first time ever with the chickens) and he not only "followed" my dad through the yard, he tried to spur him. He doesn't have any spurs yet (little nubs are starting though), but did jump and slam into the back of his legs. Fortunately he had on long jeans, socks and shoes so no damage done.

    He has NEVER done this to me. I went and chased him down afterwards and my dad got a 2x4 to carry with him around the yard for now...

    Now is this normal? For an otherwise nice rooster to attack people he doesn't know? He did this as we were walking right up to the actual coop and his girls were all around us. I walk around the yard all the time and he hangs out nearby when I am out there, but has never made an attempt on me, not even when I am grabbing his girls.
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    I'd say it might be, mine are both like that as well. He's just protecting his flock, you included I suppose lol
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    Sounds like your roo is doing 'his duty'. It would be nice if he would not go after your dad though [​IMG] Maybe if he gets 'introduced' when you bring others out....scatter some treats for him and the girls, maybe have your dad be the one with the treats??? Don't know if that would help??
  4. ellieroo

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    Mar 22, 2008
    Had a banty roo that guarded all. The UPS man was bushwacked and thus set up the toss the package and run system of delivery! [​IMG]
    We had named the roo Godzilla because he was bigger than the baby chicks.Beware of naming critters! [​IMG]
  5. NellaBean

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    Well I sent my dad back out there for something out of the garage and he took the rake with him.....Giant Rooster was hanging out with the girls but did not even bother coming over to see him or give him any trouble.

    Earlier, he did attack my dad when my dad was following behind me to go to the coop. Maybe he was trying to protect ME? Or just angry that my dad was in "his" area? They spend most of their time near the coop, so if any part of the yard would be his, it would probably be right there.

    My dad only comes to visit every couple months, but we plan on working in the yard a bit (on the chicken coop actually, ha ha), so I guess I will have to lock the roosters up in the pen while we are out there.

    Guess I need to buy those Beware of Giant Rooster signs after all.....
  6. Speak softly....and keep the "rooster-b-good" stick handy.[​IMG]
  7. NellaBean

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    Well, I don't need one for me at all. He leaves me alone as always....the little up and coming Andalusian Rooster is going to be a handful eventually. He comes up and starts to drop a wing and give me the evil eye but still runs if I come towards him at all. He has started running over if the Jersey Giant roo mounts a girl or if another girl squawks or something, so I think there will be a power struggle pretty soon.

    Apparently either the Jersey Giant roo considers me part of the flock, or is scared enough of me to just stay away. I don't really care which, to be honest [​IMG] That Andalusian roo knows better, he just needs some reminding. I already pointed out the barbeque grill to him today, so I think we will do just fine [​IMG]
  8. rdranch

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    Apr 13, 2007
    Our goat is just like that. She will go after everybody that comes to visit. But she won't touch me or my wife.[​IMG]
  9. Mahonri

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    Sounds like you have a good roo that is doing his job.
  10. Tala

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    I guess it's normal. Mine has a healthy respect for me that came about with minimal scuffling. We're friends.

    Apparently DH is scared of my rooster. [​IMG]

    He stalks him, and jumps up like to flog, which freaks DH, but he's never actually hurt anyone.

    DH kicked him. I don't know if that will make him think he needs to protect the flock from DH, or if he will think DH is mean so leave him alone. [​IMG]

    I never kicked ole Rooster though, and we're friends. I used to imtimidate him into backing up and giveing way to me, and then I had to move him several nights to convince him to roost NOT on the back porch rail. At first when I would move him he would try to bite me, and I understand he was probably a bit freaked out about being picked up off his feet in the middle of the dark so I wasn't upset with him. I just wore a heavy sweatshirt and I would hold on to the feathers on the back of his head to get him to stop. After I moved him about 3 times he's been even nicer to me and I can pick him up anytime without getting bitten/pecked.
    Sometimes he'll run across the yard as if to get me, but I always just talk to him and by the time he gets to me he recognizes me. I am guessing that his eyesight isn't all that great over the distance. He's probably just nearsighted.

    DH just isn't willing to put any effort into being friends with the rooster. He expects ole Rooster to automatically like him, even though he doesn't go in the yard much, doesn't interact with the birds, and never feeds the ladies. If you feed BOSS to the pullets everytime you come outside - ole Rooster boy will appreciate you more [​IMG]
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