Rooster tangled in twine...possible neck injury? & Update

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    Apr 26, 2008
    About two days ago I went out to feed my chickens in the afternoon and found the rooster stuck with a slip know passing under his beak up over his head and behind his comb. He could not move so I got scissors and snipped the twine. He acted afraid to move but did so when he found he was free. I am not sure how long he was caught but had given treats to them about four hours earlier.

    The second morning I went out and found him with his head hanging down. He was standing well but seemed unable to lift his head. The second morning he was out with the chickens (head still down) eating a bit with them but returned to a safer area a bit later.

    The rooster is crowing and lifts his head to do this BUT at all other times his head is down practically on the ground with his ruff feathers in such a way that his neck is exposed.

    It has been at least three days now since he was caught in the twine but...I am wondering how long he can survive like this and if it would be kinder to euthanize him.

    Thank you for your assistance. I live overseas and have nobody to turn to for help.

    Cathy in Fih, Lebanon

    PS - Just back in from checking on Clyde (named due to the feathers on his feet and horses with the same). He seemed to be drinking and eating some and clucking to his hens...even tried to mate with one so...perhaps he will improve and just has muscle/neck strain?
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  2. It seems as though Clyde is a survivor and I hope all goes well. It's hard to keep a good rooster down! [​IMG]

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