Rooster Tennis

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  1. Naughty

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Well it is apparent that my lil rooster with attitude doesnt like tennis - or tennis rackets... ha ha

    He has stopped trying to attack my legs when I come into the coop - dare I hope that I can turn my back on him - I dont know whether he is learning - or plotting... hoping he is learning - I really hate to get rid of him - he is so gorgeous... but can't have him not letting us pet the girls .. I do wear thick jeans so if he tries to get cocky I just sit there and yell "BAD ROOSTER - NO" I have a way with words huH?

    Anyhow - anyone who wants to know how far a rooster can fly when batted with a racket...? about 3 ft so far... luckily it doesnt hurt him .. just makes him mad at the racket...

    I also have my lil bichon frese pup in the coop with them - so funny to watch the rooster get all huffy near him - the dog just looks at him like "what the?"

    Funny thing - the rooster with the problem is named Naughty - so I wonder about what my neighbors think... every time I hear them crow - I yell - Hi Naughty... Hi Montana (the lil one - still sounds like a windup toy) There are soooooo many dirty joke options with a rooster named Naughty...

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