Rooster too big for my girls?


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8 Years
Dec 18, 2011
I got a "free exotic bird" with my last order of chicks in the spring. One is a beautiful buff cochin (as far as I can tell from internet pics!) and he is HUGE! Reminds me of a dinosaur when he walks around. Anyhow, he is such an awkward mater because of his size. Can hardly get on the girls and sometimes straddles and is otherwise just pretty silly looking. He is really sweet and shy but I am worried that he could be hurting the girls. I do have one mysteriously injured hen - she has a gimpy leg and I was wondering if he could have caused this? She is in isolation and getting around a little better every day but still limping. I am just beginning to think about giving him away - except he's so sweet and pretty! Ideas?
Our bonus chick also turned out to a Cochin (Patridge). He's 6 months old and just in the last week has begun crowing and mounting the girls. It really is pretty comical to see this giant cockerel trying to climb up on my little SG Dorking pullets. Sometimes the girls limp for a bit and sometimes not (even the SG Dorking cockerels can cause limping if they're especially pushy with their matings). I'm just going to let nature take its course and watch to make sure he isn't causing serious damage. As far as getting rid of your guy, if it's especially worrisome what he is doing to your girls, then maybe that's the best thing to do...

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