Rooster unsteady on feet and sitting a lot after being attacked by Guineas

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5 Years
Mar 27, 2014
Kern River Valley
My Rooster was attacked by a few Guineas a few days ago, I do not see any visible sign of injury, however he is walking slow and is unsteady on his feet when standing, sitting down a lot and sleeping. He is eating and drinking and getting around, but not himself now. The Guineas are gone now. Any ideas what I can do for him? He is about 8 months old.
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Poor baby. Roosters are such wimps when sick. Did you check for injuries? If no injuries, it may take him a day or two to snap out of it. I had one attacked by another roo a few months ago and he was fine but it took him 2 days to be himself again. Take some feed and water and make him some mush.

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