Rooster walking like he's lost, little if any coordination?

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    Nov 16, 2015
    This started about a week ago. He HAS GOTTEN A LITTLE BETTER!

    Still concerned

    I very first noticed something was wrong with my guy about 8-9 days ago. It started with him being out roaming a little bit standing and sleeping out in the yard a lot. He would eat and drink normal but wouldn't walk around very much. I figured he was tired and put him in the coop that evening and went back to check on him 2 hrs later and he was perched sleeping like normal.

    The next day I went out and he was laying down beside waterer. I watched for a few and he would take drinks and would eat but wouldn't move too much. So I went back to check an hour later and he was in the yard just standing sleeping. I turned to come in the house and my other roosters attacked him. All at once they all started attacking him. When I finally got them all away he stood up to walk but was walking a little like he was drunk and had his head leaning to the right. So I brought him in the house. And he's been inside since.

    I have gotten rid of a couple of my roosters since the attack but I still have 2 others.

    Since I brought RooRoo in, ( my kids named him) he went downhill fast but last night he gave me a huge surprise!

    At first he wouldn't eat or drink. He would try but would fall, or couldn't get his head where he wanted it. He would walk very little but when he did he walked in a backward circle. He was able to stand almost steady in one spot and if he couldn't steady himself he would just lay down. After about 3-4 days of this I decided to use a syringe and give him water with save a chick electrolytes and probiotic in it to maybe see if he would take it once he got a little taste. He loved it. So I mixed an egg yolk some non medicated chick starter a tiny bit of infants oatmeal cereal and the water (with electrolytes and probiotic) and used the syringe with that as well. I did this 2.5 ml every hour and he took every bit every time 6 times. Then I tried making it a little thicker every 2 hours (every other feed) and he took it easier each time. So I was able to put his water in a bowl the next day and he was able to drink it. I kept his food in the moist paste like consistency and he would eat but I had to use a large bowl because his coordination was still off.

    Yesterday I had him eating regular dry food with a little scratch grain mixed in out of a smaller bowl and drink water with no problem but he still wasn't walking as much as I hoped. So I left him be with his food and water checking on him every so often. (I have him in an open box in my master bath in my bedroom which is directly off my living room.)
    He was doing great. Walking around my bathroom at first then I'd walk into my bedroom and he would be walking around my bedroom almost walking normal(head still leaning to one side tho) I was excited.

    Last night we were watching a movie eating some popcorn and I had left my bedroom door open. My little Roo came wandering out of my bedroom right into the living room with almost no trouble at all. I was ecstatic! I tossed a piece of popcorn to see if he would see it fall and try for it and he stumbled a little bit but he got it. So I let him roam a little more until the movie was over and I put him back in his box in the bathroom. When it was time for bed he was out of his box and I put him back in only for him to jump right back out. So I shut my bathroom door and let him go.

    Today he is doing even better. Able to snatch a worm when I dangle it in front of him, walking almost all day so far, sunbathing by the window drinking and remembers where to find his food and water. The only problem is his "lean" and his coordination is still not normal. He could get the worm I'd give but it took him a min to find it. He picks food up from the floor but it takes a few pecks to find it. His walking is still not quite right but he's made serious progress.

    Has anyone heard of this? If so any ideas what could have happened to him? Is it possible for him to get back to normal?
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    With multiple roosters, some can be kept from food and water by the others, even the hens. My guess is that he was dehydrated and weak. The attack may have caused wry neck. That can be treated with poultry vitamins, especially E, plus selenium, or Poultry Nutri-drench 2-3 ml orally per day. Selenium is found in eggs, chopped tuna, nuts, and other foods. I would do the usual exam on him to check his crop to see if it empties overnight, look for lice and mites, and check his poops for color or diarrhea.
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    Nov 16, 2015

    My roo made a full and total recovery. It took a while and lots of tlc on the little guy but he is doing great! I gave him to a couple up the road from me who lost their roo and needed one that wasn't trying to climb on the girls every 2 min. I stop and see him every day and I'm very happy with how well he is doing! I still have a couple Roos and I tried slowly letting him back with the rest of the gang and the other boys picked on him too much. So taking him to my neighbor was best for him and he is so happy!

    I just thought I'd share my happiness with everyone [​IMG]

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