rooster war ended with bloody heads what do I need to do?


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Nov 16, 2009

roo's 2 silkies just had major war both heads now bleeding, what do I need to do? anything? will they be okay if I just leave it?
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I would put some sort of ointment on those wounds just incase one of them gets an infection. Bluekote or neosporin will work. And I would keep them isolated for a few days to not only cool them off, but allow them to heal. Good luck!
Thanks, I have them separated and have every since the new red one came, its been about 3 months just took the divider down between the 2, 2 days ago, still couldnt touch each other but they could see each other, then Bear the red one jumped the divider sometime today and you see what happened! I really want them to get where I dont have to have a divider but I guess that isnt going to happen.
I have neosporin so I will go try that. Thanks again.
I had the EXACT SAME THING happen earlier this fall! My roo got all the hair on his head ripped out and more by another Silkie roo. I had to keep the roosters separated from then on. I also had to keep the hurt rooster separated from the rest of the flock for about a week. He got his fluffy butt kicked!! The other had nary a scratch. I felt so bad for him. On another note, he wasn't particularly friendly to me before that, but now we are best buds. I put an antibiotic ointment on his wounds, which included all over his head, part of his neck, his left wing and foot. He healed well and and has grown most of his hair back on his head, three months later.
So glad the feathers grew back, the white ones name is Albert Einstien and now he is bald!!!!

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