Rooster wars


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
I don't think I'm ever goign to get through his pointy little skull. After I knocked him out cold and thought I'd killed him about 3 wks ago I've kept up a pretty steady routine of dominating him almost everytime I go out to the flock. Sometimes just chasing him a bit, a few boots to the rear. He's pretty much given me the high ground.

This morning it's raining and cold, no ones' happy. I figure I'd go out and throw some treats around in the litter under their covered area. As soon as I walk out he comes after me full speed claws up. I slam a gate in his face and he litterally bounces off of it then runs around and tried to attack me in the coop.

That did not go over well with me. I grabbed the net and before he realized I had it I had him caught. I smunched him to the ground then grabbed him by the feet and hung him upside down. No mean feat(pun intended) cuz his legs are thick and my hands are small. Hung him until he stopped strugglign and almost passed out. Righted him clamped under my arm until he'd reoxygenated then upside downed him again. Uprighted him and walked around with him under my arm doing chores for a while then carried him as far fromt he coop and his ladies as we could get and still be in the chicken safe area. He took awhile to recover and walk all the back to his coop in the rain.

Be interesting to see how he reacts with I go out to clean the coop tomorrow. That always gets him upset.
It is so hard to know what to do when a rooster gets mean like that. I have one that flogged my leg the other day as I was walking back to the house. He came at me from behind. I made contact with my foot and sent him flying, and he hasn't done it again, I really want to keep him, but am struggling with the idea of having an aggressive roo around. Good Luck with your roo.
The only time I have been flogged was by a tiny banty roo that had about 2" spurs. He really sliced up my calves. I was buying goats at the time and the lady who was selling them knocked that rooster off of me by throwing a leaf rake like a spear! She nailed him and rolled him across the yard. My wife loves to tell that story. I think that if you cannot dominate the rooster, you have to get rid of him. You can always get another. Cheap.
lol! Thanks everyone for sharing these stories - I got a good laugh out of them during what's been a poopy day for me. I appreciate it! Sorry your roosters are causing trouble, though.
Are you keeping him for breeding? That's the only reason mine hasn't been dinner. He's pretty laid back but flogged the kids a couple times and tests me from time to time but he remembers my boots awfullly quick. I would say keep up your routine with him. NEVER back away from him even just that little jesture is a test. Good luck.
that seems a bit heavy handed..if he is that much of a threat i would just eat him and be done with it, rather than keep hurting him.
I feel so lucky my roos have never attacked. My best roo, Smokey is a Key west roo, about 9 years old. I have been his boss since day 1. He doesn't like when I mess with the girls, but keeps his distance. He has never challenged me at all.
I have 3 roosters that are very sweet and cluck at me. One kept trying to flog and bite me. Today he filled the crock pot and made an excellent chicken soup. Some roos are like that and some are friendly go figure.
The only reason he hasn't been eaten is because my husband would be hurling in the azaelas if I butchered a bird with a name.
I'm pretty much just waiting until work sends him out of town for a good 4 or 5 days so I can handle the rooster issue.

Next year I'm getting turkeys to raise and eat. He's going to have to deal with that so he better not name any of them.

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