Rooster with bad leg please advice

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    Last year I had a RI Red rooster that looked like he had a dislocated leg cause he would walk on his whole entire leg instead of just his foot. I had him isolated because I thought maybe he was being picked on by the other chickens. Well I no longer have that rooster, except I now have a BB Red Banty rooster that seems to be having the same problem. His left leg is ok but his right leg seems to be out of place. He bends his leg and walks on it that way. Like from the bend of his leg to his foot he uses the whole thing to walk on instead of just using his foot. I picked him up and tried moving his leg to see if there was any kind of reflex reaction and there was minimal to none. Please help. Is this something that generally happens to roosters? I don't see any of the hens with such a problem. I also have an Amerecauna roo that is separate from the main flock and seems to be doing ok. Are the RI Reds & BB Red bantam related in some way? and if so is this something that just happens to their type of breed?

    Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.

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    Part of problem likely related to nerve function. It can induced by several factors including inadequate vitamins in diet, an infection (viral), or mechanical damage. First can be treated by change in diet such as addition of greens or even a vitamin supplement. If diet related, you want to get fresh feed. If bird is free ranged, then diet not likely cause. If mechanical damage, then time. If infection............., I have been battling that and prognosis generally is not good. Health experts should then be consulted or simply cull bird.
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