Rooster with black spots on comb and wattle as well as on beak?!


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May 24, 2020
Jacksonville Florida
Help! My rooster has dark spots on his wattle and comb and what looks like also on his beak like a growth. What could this be? I have three hens and a guinea hen and no one else has any of these. His behavior is otherwise normal. They have plenty of space. A coop and run. Not free range. I live in NE Florida and am new to having chickens. I raised them all and have had them less than a year. The guinea can be a bit of a bully so I thought it could have been from her but the look of his beak makes me wonder if it is something else. Thoughts?


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Looks like a combination of Fowl pox, & peck wounds.

Fowl pox is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. The virus will run it's coarse over about 3-4 weeks.

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