rooster with clear slime in mouth

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    for 3-4 weeks my chicken has been sick and I"ve spent over $800 at the vet but the vet doesn't know what is wrong with him and nothing has helped at all other than giving him pain meds, but I was hoping maybe someone here might recognize the symptoms and know what's wrong with him. It started with him kinda jumping up in pain and making a noise and being lethargic and not eating. Then maybe 5-7 days later we noticed he had clear slime covering his mouth. Then we noticed his mouth was "swollen" and causing his beak to look crooked. The vet said it was an infection and lanced it but she said she only did half b/c he was too painful and had me come in a week later for her to lance it again. His problem has only gotten worse yet when I brought him in today she said there was nothing for her to lance (although to me, his mouth looks even more swollen and his beak is more crooked :() Up until now I've been for the most part been able to get him to eat wet cat food (the only thing he'll eat :() but now he can't even pick it up and swallow it. Also, looks like there's a large lump on his neck but not sure if it's just because his neck is all scrunched up but he seems like he's painful when I try to touch his neck area. (the vet took x-rays and said everything looked normal on his xray) and he's been on several medications and nothing has cleared this thing up. Does anyone know what this could be? I feel really bad for my chicken because he is in pain, uncomfortable and can't eat. There aren't many other vets in the area that will see chickens and I'm starting to run out of money to keep taking him in with no results.
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    Whatever happened?

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