Rooster with lump on thigh Abscess or Tumor?

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Feb 14, 2013
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Hi All! A while back I posted about my Balck Silkie Hen Betty Bob. She pulled through and is doing great but now my Silkie Roo Sue is not doing so well. Our flock had scaly leg mites and lice that we think came from a hatchery we ordered from. We were able to get them under control with Ivermec Espirin(?). However my Roo's one leg was still really lame. So I brought him in the house and soaked his legs and applied Vetrx. He has lost a considerable amount of weight. I think due to being lame and not getting around so well. Tonight I was feeling all around his lame leg because to me he should be getting better now but the leg seems to be getting worse. I found a lump on his thigh that is the size of a dime raised up about 1/4". It is very warm to the touch and very hard. He is voraciously eating and drinking now that he's secluded. He just doesn't want to use that leg very much and tips over when trying to move around.
I don't know if I should poke/lance it or not. There is no apparent 'wound' and no apparent hole where leakage is occuring. Could it be a broken off feather that has turned into an abscess? Do chickens get tumors that can cause such lameness? What should my course of treatment be?

He's my only Roo and he's beautiful. My girls would be lost without their leader.

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