Rooster with respiratory problems


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May 10, 2019
After I post this thread I am going to search BYC for anything similar to this, but I wanted to post this for anyone who might be able to immediately identify the problem.
I had noticed a few times that my cockeral had a hard time breathing in the past after a lot of running, but I chalked it up to his breed ( Plymouth Rock ) and that he is hatchery stock. However as you can see in this video symptoms have worsened greatly. I’m not actually at my house so I can’t talk about other symptoms, but he is let outside into a good sized run or into our large yard every day, he is a partridge Plymouth Rock from Meyer hatchery and is 10 months old. It is also worth note that none of our other chickens ( which are all his hens ) have shown this same symptom.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Can you get some help to hold his head still (wrapped in a towel works,) and look into his beak and thoat with a flashlight? Look for any yellow or while gunk inside that might be causing problems. Is there any wet or moldy conditions in the coop or run? Do you have good air ventilation in the coop? Do you smell ammonia from droppings inside? Mold can cause aspergillosis a fungal disease.

He seems to be breathing very hard and too fast. If you have a vet, that might be best. I would look for any bubbles in his eyes, eye or nasal drainage, or head shaking which can be signs of a respiratory disease, such as MG, infectious bronchitis, and others.
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