Rooster wont eat bugs is this odd???????

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  1. rbriggum

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    Jan 24, 2012
    I have a RIR rooster, that happens to be my only chicken right now. He will be a year next month and has always been free ranging, never kept in a pen. He wonders around the barn, and when we arrive at the farm he comes running down the driveway to meet us. He is as tame as tame can be. I have never seen a rooster like him. I had three hens last year but gave them away when we moved. He did not care if you messed with his hens, he is just so loving. However his wierd or at last I think so because he will not eat bugs. You can put down different bugs in front of him and he looks at you like YOU are the crazy one. BUT put down Doritos and he will mean mug you to get them. He does eat his chicken feed, but man Doritos are his favorite. Is it "ODD" for a rooster not to like bugs???????????????????[​IMG]
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    It's odd.
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    Some insects taste at best like crap. Many advertise this with coloration and / or scent. Chickens can see colors probably better than we can and appear to have sense of smell suitable for investigating small items up close. They also have a very good memory with respect to food so bad past experiences may influence present repsonses to insects you provide. My chickens have a strong aversion to any insects with red or purple coloration which is likely do to abundance of milkweed eating insects with those colors in my pastures. Insects you provided may be of the locally nasty varieties.

    Try mealworms, you will likely find nothing rates higher once he eats one.
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    Also he free ranges. He gets all the bugs he can catch, nothing new there to him. Not many Doritos grow wild for him to find.

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