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  1. Lily5chicks

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    Apr 19, 2019
    hey guys
    I recently bought baby chicks and I think one of my silkies is a rooster because it is almost double the size of the other and I’m trying to find ways to live with it if it is a rooster.

    So one of the ways I was thinking was get another coop and put it on the other side of the yard and he can live alone in there but hopefully if he’s not aggressive then he would get attention from me but I don’t know if he would be lonely.

    Another scenario I was thinking of is that I would get a hen that doesn’t lay anymore? But maybe he would try to breed her and then hurt her so I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

    If you have any ideas please attach to this thread!
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    Why would you not simply maintain the rooster with your existing flock in your existing coop?
  3. Lily5chicks

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    Apr 19, 2019
    Well I’ve never had a rooster and I don’t know if the ladies would act the same and I don’t want them to fertilize the eggs
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    I was concerned about the change in behavior with a roo around too. Not all roosters are created equal. I think Silkie ones are known to be pretty relax, kinda the Lab retrievers of chicken breeds :).

    Isolating him might make him anxious, lonely and develop weird habits, one way street. I would just keep him with the flock; especially that he's so young, he'll find his spot in the pecking order early.

    Fertilized eggs are fine btw. I always had a roo, unless you have a broody sitting on them for a few days before picking up, they're fine.

    In fact, I hatched a store egg recently so we do eat them all day :)
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