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9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
Does anyone know if roosters of different breeds are meaner than others? My Black Sex Link roosters were all mean, so they are gone now. I do have a EE rooster that doesn't seem to be mean at all. Is it the breed???
It can be. It seems that you are more likely to get a nasty roo from a hatchery than you would from a breeder, since breeders tend to breed for temperament as well as breed to the standard (though I have to add I have 2 bantam COCHIN roos from a breeder awaiting the crock pot right now due to their nastiness). Sex Links tend to be more aggressive in both sexes I have found, as well as a few others that I won't mention here because people who love them will be irritated with me...

sexlink example: I had a GSL pullet that literally ATE the wattles off a roosters face. And, a friend of mine had 4 BSL pullets that she had to get rid of, because you couldn't even walk into her coop without them biting you...not pecking...biting.

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