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How old is it? What a pretty chicken! I'm guessing its maybe 6-7 weeks and Looking like a pullet.
You are right! 7 weeks. I got 2 other EE 's at the same time. This one is a week older than the others, so I am not necessarily just going off the size but the comb is way redder than the other2. I'm a newbie so I'm still learning !
Go me! Hehe. My pullets started gettin a bit redder and getting little wattles around this age! Yours still seems a pink red, like mine, rather than a bright red if it were a roo! I think it would be bigger by now too! I'm still a newbie though, but this is just my opinion! Try google imaging 7 week old roosters and you may see what I mean about redder and bigger combs!
I sure hope she's a hen! I have 2 copper Marans @ 4 weeks and I am pretty sure one is a roo. I'm told the feathers on the legs are thicker and its a lot bigger than the other one in size. I'm not sure how we will handle So I'm hoping the EE is a hen because we are more attached to her than the maran ;) Thanks for your advise!
Good luck with her! I'd put photos up in a couple more weeks and it should be clearer. But if the wattles havent dramatically grown and reddened in the next few weeks I'd definitely be betting girl! :)

I think I Also have a rooster, never thought I'd be keeping him, but now I'm thinking I might, depending in how bothersome his crowing us! As with everything chickens, time will tell!

Puf is a rooster!
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