6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
NS, Canada
I bought this gal/guy hoping for a hen, but I have a feeling - with the streamers - it's a rooster. Personality wise, he's the lowest in the flock and the other rooster (very obvious a rooster) picks at him. He's very docile.

Silkies are hard and I'm far from an expert, but I would say your guess of a roo is probably accurate.
My silkie roo looked just like that with the "hair" pointed back versus the hen pouf ball.
But they can be tricky so I wouldn't give up just in case!
I couldn't find a picture of his butt, but his feathers are starting to fall over and he's got some darker ones in there. Him and my rooster don't get along...and I'm not sure they will. :(
Well how old is he? I don't know much about silkies but do their combs get redder right before they lay like RIR's and other chickens? Maybe it's a hen about to lay.
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Silkies sometimes grow faster or slower than other silkies. Could you get a close up picture of his comb, neck, and tail area? And I think I can see streamers coming out of his crest.
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