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    Mar 1, 2014
    On one forum someone told us the barred rock with the spottier pattern on the head looked like a rooster. We cannot have a rooster where we live. So I was wondering 1. Does anyone have an opinion on if the coloring pattern matters? FYI the one with the single spot is growing wing feathers and the other not so much. And 2. If it is a rooster, will it be big enough to be a meat bird before it starts crowing? This is our first foray into chickens, and that actually feels like a mean thing to say to me, but we have to either find a home for it is it's a rooster or cull it.

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    See post #2709 HERE.

    The head spot is one of a few ways to tell with this breed, and both the size and the shape of it are used. Female chicks also usually have a greyish "wash" or color to their lefs, especially the front. The down is also darker in frmales.
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    pullets will feather sooner than roos, another strike against you. It will crow before it is big enough, more than likely. I think about 18 weeks to be big enough and most roos are crowing by then.
  4. Roosters have a bigger messier spot on their heads. Pullets have a small distinct spot on their heads.

    I love my barred rocks!

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