Roosters becoming predators in a flock?


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Ok I have been a very very bad chicken mom. I incubated and raised chicks this year and ended up with masses of roosters. Seriously masses. We were around 20 ( a couple are questionable still). We had to kill 7 today. They ran almost like a pack and attacked everything. Terrorized my poor hens. We spend a ton of time trying to keep them away from them. Stupid I know, it needed to be taken care of but time could never be found with my husband. New job position and parents to do list. So today he ended up having to do a quick killing job after they killed my daughters bantam roo and tore up a hen. They were on a roll and I could not even get them into a different area.

I thought I had time. i have had this many before and never, ever did they act like this. This was a group raised together and they were just terrible. Thinking maybe I should not have separated them from all my suspected female chicks when they were little. First year I did this and I wonder if it made them more agressive. All mine free range and I do not have enough facilities to keep that many males separate from the females and each other. Never saw anything like this. Other than culling males early, how do you that raise your own deal with this? I think next year we set a date and just get it over with. He can schedule vacation time or something. It went from everyone was fine to 2 weeks later having this issue.
Not an option for us but I can see where that would work. Every barn we have is at full occupancy right now with with hay, cows, horses or goats. I feel guilty for not just culling sooner. They were meant for freezer camp, I knew that and I delayed. Really really upset about my dead bantam roo. Nothing worse than a little 10 year old girlie sobbing on you. I just never had a group act like this. It always happens. We always have too many roos but this year they acted so much worse. Next time no delays. All that is left to do is get more chicken aprons till all my hens get all their feathers back and we still have 6 more roos my husband plans to process before they become problems too. That gets rid of all of the most aggressive ones. Still leaves 5 for sure roos and maybe those 2 questionable ones will show their colors now that there are not so many roos.

Crappy chicken owner day:-(
As soon as I can tell they're roos they go in a bachelor pad, just a seperate enclosure until I'm ready to process them.

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