Roosters foot...*Help*


10 Years
Nov 21, 2009
My rooster has been just laying around the coop for a couple months now, I know it has something to do with it right foot, because he limps when he walks. It's really starting to worry me. He can get up and walk and stuff, and he's lively searching through the hay that I use for bedding. His eyes are bright and he shows all signs of health besides his foot. One day I caught him but I couldn't find any obvious reasons why he would walk like that...Im not sure what he could have hurt it on either as they are locked up in the coop all day. When he is standing he makes his feathers cover it. Please help, It's so sad, because Im not sure if he's in pain. I will try to get some pics tomorrow. It might be frostbite? He has bad frostbite in his comb from December (we live in MN). I guess I hope its frostbite rather then Mareks...

thanks in advance
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If it were Marek's, would he still be alive after a few months? I really don't know-seems very odd.
For a rooster to stay in the coop all day is strange.
I sure hope you get to the bottom of this soon.
Check his pads and leg for swelling, it may be bumble foot or a dislocated joint, or torn tendon. There are good instructions for bumble foot on here if you search, no need for me to repeat them. I have dealt with swollen joints and injured tendons, most times you can wrap the joints and leg until they heal. In one extreme case I cast the leg of a rooster and it has heeled good he walks normal now. Before wrapping or casting I coated the area in Prep H which reduces swelling, and I believe it helps with some of the pain. If you cast be careful not to get casting directly on skin, it will irritate and not allow the skin to breath. You will have to wrap first with a dry layer of cloth before adding the casting cloth and you have to have a pair of cutters to get it off without injuring the leg.
Thank you. I will research bumblefoot and see what I can do for him. I have a chicken vet in my area and I was planning on giving him call also.
@Easttxchick, the door to the coop is shut all day because I havn't got the run built yet (before my chickens were free range but then the dog got out in fall and I just havn't let them out because it was cold)

Once again I REALLY appreciate your help and thank you!!
I just went out there...He had poop matted in the feathers on his underside and feet. We brought him in the house and soaked his feet then cut off the really bad matted feathers and then cleaned all the poop off everything. I don't know how it got this bad, none of the other hens had it. I guess I will be doing more frequent cleaning
Right now since he was soaked practically, he is the basement in a cat carrier with some food and a towel underneath, his feet looked fine otherwise. He's still kinda iffy on his feet, I don't know whether its still sore or he's just use to being careful or if its something else..
He was very docile and didnt try to peck me or anything and he basically just layed down in the water while I held him..

Any ideas?

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