Roosters...just curious about who takes them...

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Jun 20, 2008
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We're new at raising chicks, and in July received 42 2-day-olds for the 25 females we ordered. That required some quick building and thinking. In any case, we have 31 left after losing one the first week and selling 10 at 7 weeks.

At least three we suspect are roosters - two NH Reds and one BO. Perhaps more, but at this stage some breeds are more difficult to identify as male or female. I placed an ad on craigslist for the last 6-8 chicks with three known roosters. We've advertised roosters as free, and pullets at $10. We received an email from someone interested in ALL of our roosters...

This person is interested in ONLY roosters, ALL of our roosters, and says he wants them as pets, not eating...and he has a 75-acre farm in rural NH. My question to those of you with more experience than me:

Is this suspect as someone who may be into cock fighting?

Is this suspect as someone who may be into stocking his "hunting farm" with either practice fowl or fowl up for the taking?

I am torn because we need to shed the roosters but I can't give them up to a situation that is abusive or will cause them harm. I really like the roosters and they are beautiful birds. I'm honestly torn.

Any input is very much appreciated.

Sounds alittle suspicious to me.......

Have you aksed him what he plans to do with them? Maybe see if hes a breeder?

You could say you need to check out his place to make sure he isnt fighting them, or ect. But, that is a last-ditch effort for some.

Hope I have helped you...
Someone took all three of my roosters. After years of having just hens (80 of them!) she decided to add some roosters to the mix and try her hand at incubating.
Just come right out and ask why they want all the roosters. There are people that just like the looks of a rooster strutting around their farm.

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