roosters within an hour of downtown Orlando

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    Hi, my husband wants to relocate and his job is in downtown Orlando. We drove around many cities and neighborhoods within an hours drive (in all directions) from downtown, but we didn't see any hobby farms. Lots of horses :). We want to have hens and a rooster. Any advice as to where to look? I had posted in the past re: this, but that was before we drove around. I have not yet heard from anyone living in that area (a commutable distance from downtown Orlando, hopefully not more than 45 minutes or so) that is zoned to have hens and a rooster (just hens, and a limited few). Thank you! Ellen
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    You might try posting in the Florida thread.

    I'm in St. Louis and there are 93 cities in St. Louis county counting St. Louis city. I've found that the wealthier a city is, the more likely they are to allow chickens and roosters. Actually, they have no ordinances concerning chickens at all.
    It is the poorer communities that try to control everything. I live in the only city I've ever heard of that actually wrote an ordinance to allow roosters. Usually if they're allowed, there is no ordinance at all.
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