Roosting Bar - 2x4 or 4x2? Which side goes "up?"

scratch'n'peck :

They like to perch on the 4", wider side. It also helps they keep their feet warmer in winter.

X2 Definetly the flat side!!​
I use a 2X2 with the corners eased a bit... My chickens like this set up. And I know this cause they told me so!
Seriously... they'll use whatever you put in there, although they do prefer about a 3" round Stick, log, dowel, whatever!
All the sides are flat.
Thanks, all! Some of my fluffy butts are going to be extra large (i.e. brahma and barred rock), so I'm thinkin' they'd love 4" of perching space.

- Kim
No offense to the 2" up-siders, but everyone should have a 4" flat for the birds to roost on.

I made a new perch this week, raised quite high so I could get a good view of them perching ~
with a four inch flat side not only can they sit on their feet to keep them warm, they can also keep their legs warm.

IMHO much better!
I can definitely see how the extra leg warmth would benefit colder areas ~ but balance, idk? bigger=better?

But not everyone lives in a cold climate. Someone posted a while back about how their chicks had trouble balancing on a 4" perch.

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