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    Every single night, my chickens are up in the tree. I take them down and put them in their house with a lot of fuss. Would they be ok up there when it's cold and rainy? Would they have the sense to go into their house if they got too cold? I'm not worried about predators. We have never had a problem with that. I can hear them from my bedroom too. I have a separate run and coop for my silkies and cochins. They definately get put to bed at night. The big girls insist on the tree.
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    They will be fine in the cold and rain, but I wouldn't be so confident about predators. A coon, for example, will take a chicken out of a tree in a minute. I'm afraid that sooner or later, a predator will find them.
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    Over the years I've had many chickens that insisted on sleeping in the trees. No problems at first, but then one by one every one of them will be killed by something. Lock them up for about two weeks straight. Don't let them out at all. Hopefully after that they will get the idea to go back to bed in the coop.
    After reading your post again, they will definately be killed if they are low enough in the trees that you can reach them.
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