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    Hi guys -
    My girls (3 Plymouth Rock buff bantams) are about 10 -11 weeks old now (They're my first ever ever hens!) and have obviously(?) not started to lay yet. They don't perch at night either preferring to huddle close together on the floor of the coop or tonight in the nesting box.
    Is this normal and should/can I be doing anything to encourage the to roost or is this behaviour fine? On another note should I be doing anything in general to ready them for laying?
    Apologies if these are silly questions [​IMG]

  2. they will start roosting don't worry! hens start to lay at about 17-24 weeks so when they are about that old you can ask again
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    Thank you!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. you're welcome!

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    Hi! Welcome to BYC.

    They will do it on their own, most likely but would probably do it earlier if they had adults to follow.

    I have encouraged mine to roost before by going in the coop at night and carefully placing them on the roosting bar. You do that for a few nights and they will catch on, but it is not necessary.

    As for laying, just make sure they have a dry, sheltered, darkish place to lay. They kinda like to "hide" a bit when it is lay time. Also, never put your laying boxes higher than your roost or they will sleep in them, also don't put them under the roost (without something covering them) or when they do roost, they will poop in them.

    Good luck!

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