Roosting on the Watering Can


In the Brooder
11 Years
Nov 1, 2008
My new pullets seem to have taught my old girls a new trick. They will now take turns roosting on top of the watering can inside the coop and of course then pooping in the water. There is plenty of roost space. The water cans are the old metal type so they can sit on the heater base for cold winter nights.

Any suggestions how to stop this?
Do you happen to have a pic of the watering can? I have a metal one that I had problems with them doing the same thing. It hangs from the ceiling. I cut an old bleach bottle and slipped this around the chain and over the can. Now all they do is slid off.
I noticed my young pullet doing this yesterday, so I duct taped a funnel to the top of the waterer. Problem solved! Unless she can figure out how to roost on the little 1/2 inch funnel hole thing. LOL

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