Roosting on top of the run!?!

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  1. FeatherstoneFrm

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    Aug 1, 2014
    Appling, GA
    My small flock of 5 have decided they want to roost on top of the run.
    I recently had a predator get in and kill 1 hen. After that I dissasembled my pallet coop, patched the hole in the run and rebuilt the coop. This time with a roof (they we're roosting on top of the pallet wall and I had a tarp over the top of the run). I removed the tarp and added a tin roof to the coop. They will go inside to lay and get out of the run/rain but will not rooster inside.
    I let them out to free range for about an hour each day and usually, if it's in the evening, they will go back in the run at dusk and all I have to do is close the gate. I do try to move them from the outside roost to the inside but they just come right back out.
    So now, they've decided, following the bad example of the Appenzeller, to roost on top of the run with is a 6ft high dog run. How can I stop this behavior? It's a pain to get them down each night and the Appenzeller runs from me so I have let her stay out. The others tuck under the rooster to keep from getting removed. So it's a nightly battle of wits.
    I want to let them free range some but wish they would behave.
    Any suggestions?
  2. MNchickaroo

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    Apr 12, 2019
    How are they getting on top? Are they flying up all the way, or is their something they're using to "springboard" up?
    Try and make it hard for them to get there, is there a way you can block off the top to break the bad habit, short of electric fencing and razor wire? Chickens seem to be able to find ways to get where they want to go!
    Also, the feathers could be clipped for just one season, so they can't get up that high. The downside of that, they can't fly up out of predators reach.
    Could you use scratch or a treat to lure them down at least the rooster, then maybe the rest would follow?
    Could you take the tin off for a few days and use some type of bird netting so they can't sit up there?
    Good luck, I wouldn't be able to reach 6'...not sure what I would do!
  3. FeatherstoneFrm

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    Aug 1, 2014
    Appling, GA
    The tin is on the coop which is inside the run, the run is covered with poutlry netting. They are roosting on top of the frame.
  4. noregerts

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    Feb 24, 2019
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    If the coop is big enough you could leave them in it for 24 hours or so with food and water. They'll have no choice but to roost inside. Make sure they are safe though.
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  5. aart

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    Make the coop big and well ventilated enough for all the birds and feed and water, then lock them in 24/7 for a week to 'home' them to the coop.
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    Photos of setup (and where precisely the chickens are sitting) would help with troubleshooting, since I'm bad at visualizing...
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