Roosting questions?


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I have a 10' long roosting board (2x4-- 4" to sit on).. Under is a poop board full of pine shavings. For 9months, I have had three groups of 'roost-ers'.. 1. The colored egg girls, 2. the Barred Rock sisters and 3. the other girls with the rooster.. Well, for the last three nights they are all crowded on one end of the roost--9 heavy girls in about 3 feet of roost . The weather has been really nice and warm (50*-70*)--the only thing that has change is now the rooster is gone (it's been 6days).

Is this something I should worry about? I looked at that end of the roost today to make sure there were no splinters. I clean the roost and the dropping board every morning..



Crossing the Road
12 Years
Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
Nothing to worry about. The flock dynamics have changed with the rooster gone.

Mine like to crowd together when roosting, even if the weather is warm. They need the extra length of roost to get up there and to sort themelves out, but they need very little room for the actual act of roosting.

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