roosts and nest boxes?

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    why do the roosts need to be higher than the nest boxes? my coop is finished except for putting in roosts and nest boxes in the morning and, naturally, i'm just now realizing i was probably planning it wrong....

    the original plan was for the roosts to start at 1 1/2 ft and go up to 4 ft (stair-stepping). the nest boxes were going to be on the opposite wall, 2 levels about waist and shoulder high (i'm 5'5"). now i'm not sure what to do.

    i've got 2 silkies but the rest are standard brahmas, wyandottes, EEs and orpingtons.
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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Because chickens like to roost at the highest point. If your nest boxes are higher than the roost then your chickens will roost in or on the nest boxes and probably be pooping in or on the boxes!
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    Chickenshag nailed it. They will poop in the nests because they poop the most wherever they roost. Get it right and then you will not have to go thru re-training them. I put the nests on a blank wall (north) and roosts on opposite wall which also has 2 of my 4 windows for the chooks to look out or sunbathe in during wintertime.

    That is why a poop plank is so effective at keeping a coop odor free. It catches 95% of the poop and the litter lasts way, way longer that way. I have an 8 x 16 coop for 24 chooks and poop planks make my job so much easier.
  4. bibliophile birds

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    thanks guys. i guess i knew that but just didn't know it. sometimes intelligent thought doesn't make it all the way through the design process. going to rework things now.

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