Rosecomb or Single comb dominant?


9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Quitman, Texas
When crossing a rosecombed bird with a regular five point single combed bird, which comb type is dominant? Or will there be some of each? This is assuming that the rosecomb comes from a long line of rosecombs and the single combed bird comes from a long line of single combed birds.
Rosecomb (R) is dominant over non-rosecomb (r). There are other comb genes that play a role, but basically, if your rosecomb bird is RR, your chicks will be Rr and rosecombed. If he's Rr, you will get some of each.
If your birds are pure for there comb then you should get all Rose Comb with a chance that a Single Comb will come out..

I will let you know that the Rose Combs that come out of this cross will suffer greatly. They will have hollow centers, mutable spikes and over sized combs.

Oh, I have no intentions of deliberately doing such a cross ever again. I just noticed that before I sold her that a bantam wyandotte hen and our black bantam cochin roo's offspring seemed to all have rose combs. And totally dreadful temperaments. Such tempers! Nothing like my pure cochins, that is for sure. Little suckers were fast and feisty, not unlike the black rosecomb birds we have had! Here's me trying to catch rosecombs!

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