Rotten eggs: 2 in same position in Hovabator


11 Years
Jun 30, 2011
Hi all! I'm not quite the new egg my status implies, i used to come here like 5 years ago when i first got chicks...learned a ton! Anywho, I recently lost all my broodies and roosters to a fox, so i grabbed the last seven eggs that might be theirs and bought the cheapie Hovabator w turner...hatched 6, one died within a day, but it was HUGE, couldn't believe it fit in that egg, had to have another put down for a slipped 4 5-week old poults, movin to a nice new 8x10 shed today!! ;~)

THen i went a little nuts and bought 20 eggs from two sources in two states, they're DTH Labor Day...a couple days ago i started smelling rotten eggs, found two that were dripping, one from each batch, both were at the end of the row closest to where the heater element is split...if u have one of these, the power cord would be at the bottom left....i left two rows in the middle empty so i wouldn't mix up the eggs...and to make it easier to check/fill the water . Think it's a coincidence that they're both at the bottom? Did one infect the other? Is this a quirk of this incubator? just wondering. Thanks for any ideas!


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