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    I just aquired my father's round hovabator I believe the post mark on the box was '83. I put a new wafer in it and it holds temp just fine had it on for two days. How many quail eggs can fit alone and how many chicken eggs can fit alone in there. Thanks for the help.
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    Apr 28, 2008
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    I bet I have the same one. My buddy gave it to me this Spring. I have hatched with it 4 times so far.

    It still has the original wafer in it. It still works fine and holds the temps great. I see no need to change it yet.

    It did not have a tag with the name on it so I had to look it up.
    it continues to work great.

    The last hatch I put 40 total chicken eggs in it. A few were bantams.

    Good luck!!


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