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    Our little ranching adventure started out with a couple of ducks from the local feed store (Cayuga - what a beauty, Rouen, Pekin and Mallard). Unfortunately, they became feed for a bobcat. We have not wanted to continue to feed it any more ducks but we have not been able to trap it. Until it disappears, I have not wanted to pour over the duck pages in the catalog and fall in love again. We are beefing up our security system which includes four foot tall field fence on 9 foot wooden (sunk 3 feet) posts inner spaced with metal T posts. Above the field fence is two strands of electric fence wire. No signs of digging under or squeezing through. Game camera might give us a clue as to how it is getting in, I'm guessing it is using a tree on the outside and an old stump on the inside. Our fenced area measures about 120 foot deep by 40 graduating to 65 foot wide. It is partially treed with cedar, hemlock and fir (cleared of brush and thickets) and has about a 20 foot across pond on the lower end. My chickens will obediantly go into the coop at night but the ducks enjoyed multiple runs around the pond whenever I was entergetic enough to try to drive them in. It was mostly an useless gesture since I tired out, or fell in, before they cooperated. So, yes, I have guilty feelings about them becoming bobcat dinner. That darn cat has even appeared as early as 6 p.m. instead of during the dark hours to have a run at the chickens so I know it is getting hungry. Maybe it will try the live trap soon. Does anyone have any other suggestions for trapping or preventing bobcats from entering other then covering the whole thing or cutting down trees?
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    How about motion lights to scare them off?
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    You could wrap the tree to just above the height of the fence with a hard plastic or aluminum sheet metal so that they can't get a hold of it to climb it. However, I'd definitely recommend installing a cover of some sort and adding a hot wire near its junction with the sides. That's simply because if you have bobcats, you definitely have other creatures that can and will get in via the same route (predatory birds, coons, possum, fox, skunks, etc.).
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    I would recommend putting it in your cross hairs and squeezing a trigger real slow and steady.
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    We had a bobcat nearly wipe us out too. They easily climb any fence and tree. Plus the can jump a good distance. I like the idea of aluminum flashing (in the hardware store’s roofing aisle) around the tree trunk and the hot wires on top of the fence (provided the cat will come in contact with them.

    My solution for the bobcat problem and, really, all predator problems is a pack of Chicken Guardian Dogs; they like chasing kitty cats [​IMG]

    Since it sounds like you have really good fencing, might I suggest you get a mature guard dog from the local animal shelter?


    P.S. All threads need pictures. Here's a pic of our bobcat after being treed by Fluffy:

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    My friend found that a floating duck house with a couple solar motion lights secured to, worked wonders, she veiwed the bobcat swimming out the duck house but because it was anchored with a loose rope it would float away or sway unsteadily and the bobcat couldn't climb up.

    Also I heard that you can replace the bulb in the motion light with a bulb socket that has plugs, put the light in and plug a radio up, then when the light is tripped, it blare music!
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    We were just attacked last night as well!
    Saw the darn cat with a full grown Muscovy in it's mouth! Was able to rescue her...poor mama duck attempted to give her life for her brood of ducklings.

    Found another full grown dead duck this morning.

    We have 6 ft chain link with an extra 2 feet of barbed wire on top but that didn't stop it.
    Now that it knows what's on the other side of the fence, it will be back.

    I'll be watching this thread for more ideas...yet, I do like Nathan's idea best.
  8. Bantie

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    These are wonderful ideas. I believe I will use a combination of solar secutity motion lighting and wrapping the trees that are near the fenceline. Thank you for the great suggestions.

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