royal palm hen victim


14 Years
Jun 11, 2008
bloomington indiana
My birds always go in at night, but last night the kids couldn't find my royal palm hen. They said she had stayed out before, so I didn't go out against my better judgement. She has been trying to nest. If I had found her nest, I might have let her stay on it.
Well this morning I found her nest, outside our fence, where the dogs couldn't help. there were a few feathers by the nest, then more across the road, then about 200 feet away, tons of feathers in an open area. I looked everywhere to see if she could be hiding. There is no sign of her.

What could know she was there, chase her down, so it was fast because she could fly, and leave no trace but feathers. She was a full grown royal palm.
I'm just sick. she was hand raised and very friendly. Now I have to find a home for her mate.

any ideas?
That's a fairly big bird - my first guesses would be dog, coyote, fox, bobcat. All are big enough to kill quickly and carry a large bird away. Sorry for your loss.

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